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How To Make THE BEST Taco Seasoning

Updated: Feb 26

How do you make taco seasoning?

  1. Measure spices according to recipe.

  2. Whisk spices together thoroughly.

  3. Store in an air tight container for up to 1 year.

taco seasoning

If you know anything about our family, you will know that we absolutely LOVE tacos. With this delicious taco seasoning recipe, you will too! The best thing about this recipe is that it has no sugar, wheat or other weird additives. These spices together give the best and most authentic taste. You will have incredible and appetizing tacos right at home!

Add this seasoning to any ground or shredded meat to have the best taco's ever. My family especially enjoys this seasoning on chicken tacos! You can make shredded beef, chicken, or even turkey tacos too. This seasoning is so versatile you will be so pleased with the taste and final product of your recipe. It is my hope that you will use and enjoy this recipe in your home for years to come.

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